UFC 225: Whittaker vs. Romero 2 Main Card Results

UFC 225 Main Event results

The rematch between Robert Whittaker and Yoel Romero wasn’t contested for Whittaker’s UFC middleweight title, but the UFC 225 main event delivered championship level action a second time at United Center, with Whittaker taking a split decision victory over the Cuban in a grueling 25-minute battle.

“Yoel hits like a truck and I just had to try and survive and make the comeback,” said Whittaker. “I could have seen it going any way because it was tight, but I hit him a lot and I thought I did enough to get three of the five rounds.”

Scores were 48-47 twice and 47-48 for Whittaker, 21-4, who decisioned Romero at UFC 213 last July.

Romero, who missed weight for the bout at 185.2 pounds, making him ineligible to win the title, falls to 13-3.

Whittaker went after Romero’s lead leg with his kicks as the fight began, following up with stiff jabs upstairs. Romero stood stoically with his hands high under the attack, but when he did throw back, the punches were designed to end the bout. Luckily for Whittaker, none of those landed, allowing the champion to use his superior work rate to win the round.

Romero got busier in the second round, but it was still Whittaker staying a step ahead with his own punches and kicks. Soon, Romero’s right eye was nearly swollen shut, prompting a sense of urgency from the Cuban, who still wasn’t able to catch up with “The Reaper.”

In the third, Romero came out swinging, and less than 30 seconds in, he landed a right hand that dropped Whittaker. The Aussie scrambled up and looked for a takedown, but Romero wasn’t having it. The two proceeded to trade bombs at close range, with Whittaker scoring with a huge elbow that slowed Romero considerably. With under two minutes left, Romero was fighting with his mouth wide open, but then he began drilling Whittaker with punches to the head. Whittaker responded with a flush head kick, but Romero walked right through it, and the two proceeded to clinch and grab a well-deserved breather until the end of the round.

Whittaker scored with a pair of head kicks to start round four while Romero was conserving his energy as much as possible. After a brief halt to the action following a low kick by Whittaker, the champion continued to fire kicks and left hands, as his right hand was suspected to be injured. In the second half of the round, Romero got busier, and while he wasn’t as busy as Whittaker, “The Soldier of God” did stagger Whittaker with a pair of blows in the final 30 seconds.

With a last burst of energy, Romero went on the attack to start round five, and in the second minute, a left hand dropped Whittaker. In deep trouble, Whittaker did what he could to survive on the mat, and he did, ultimately making it back to his feet. Romero stayed locked on to Whittaker, but the Cuban’s gas tank was closing in on empty. After a stall in the action, referee Dan Miragliotta restarted the bout with less than a minute to go, and the fight made it to its 25-minute conclusion, with both fighters delivering another classic.

UFC 225 Co Main Event


Colby Covington did a lot of talking before his UFC 225 co-main event against Rafael Dos Anjos Sunday, but he walked the walk when it counted as he put together a five-round unanimous decision victory that earned him the interim UFC welterweight title at United Center in Chicago.

Scores were 49-46 and 48-47 twice for Covington, who improves to 14-1. Dos Anjos falls to 28-10.

Covington swarmed Dos Anjos at the start, taking the fight to the canvas almost immediately. Dos Anjos made it back to his feet fairly quickly, but Covington kept the heat on, using his striking to set up clinches against the fence that kept the Brazilian from implementing his offense. As the round progressed, Dos Anjos began to land with shots to the body, then moving upstairs when the openings presented themselves.

Opening the second with another takedown, Covington’s pressure was impressive, even if he couldn’t keep his opponent grounded for long. And even at range, Covington was holding his own with Dos Anjos, with his volume of strikes keeping him a step ahead. With a minute left, Covington scored yet another takedown, adding to his lead, and he extended it further in the third round with another pressure-filled round.

RDA opened the fourth with a hard left hand, and while Covington was unbothered by it, Dos Anjos parlayed into a takedown in the opening minute. Covington would rise, but RDA put him back down twice more. Covington did get his own takedown in the closing minute, not winning the round, but at least keeping Dos Anjos from getting too confident.

The fifth was close as well, but as the round wore on, Covington’s mix of striking, grappling and pressure earned him the frame, the fight and a world championship.


Former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Holly Holm bounced back from her December loss to Cris Cyborg at United Center on Sunday, scoring a shutout three-round unanimous decision over debuting former Invicta FC champion Megan Anderson on the UFC 225 main card.

Scores in the featherweight contest were 30-27 and 30-26 twice.

Anderson wasted no time getting to work, and she landed hard shots on Holm in the opening round before Holm was able to slow things down with a clinch against the fence. With a little less than two minutes left, Anderson got free, but it was clear that Holm didn’t want a striking match, so she took her foe to the mat and kept her there until the end of the round.

Holm ruled the second with her grappling attack, both in the clinch against the fence and on the mat, and in the final minute, she poured it on with heavy blows from the full mount position.

And while Anderson was able to hang in for the final five minutes, the third was another dominant round for Holm, whose grappling game was unstoppable on this night.

With the win, Holm improves to 12-4. Anderson falls to 8-3.


Rising Australian star Tai Tuivasa didn’t get another first-round knockout, but he did get a huge win, as he won a close, but unanimous, decision over former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski.

An interesting first round saw Tuivasa experience the first adversity of his UFC career, as Arlovski bloodied him and stalled the action as the two hit the canvas. When standing, though, “Bam Bam” was able to drop Arlovski briefly with under two minutes left, and he landed the harder shots throughout.

Entering the second round for the first time as a pro, Tuivasa looked ready to go, and the two proceeded to get in some heated exchanges, both fighters getting their shots in.

The third remained close, but the harder shots were landed by Tuivasa, who emerged victorious by identical scores of 29-28.

The No. 12-ranked Tuivasa improves to 10-0 with the win. The No. 9-ranked Arlovski falls to 27-16 with 1 NC.


In the main card opener, Mike Jackson handed former WWE superstar CM Punk his second pro defeat, winning a shutout three-round unanimous decision in a welterweight bout.

Jackson and Punk traded right hands in the opening minute, Punk’s having the greater effect as he was able to pin Jackson to the fence for a spell. Jackson got loose in the second minute, and it was clear that he had the crisper striking, but Punk did do some good work in the clinch. Jackson’s takedown defense was solid for the most part, but in the final minute, Punk got the bout to the mat, a big score for the Chicago native.

A minute into round two, a right hand hurt Punk, but he was able to get a hold of Jackson until his head cleared. Jackson used that hold to take the fight to the mat, and he proceeded to ground-and-pound his way through the rest of the round, bloodying Punk’s face in the process.

The third was all Jackson, with Punk’s heart the only thing keeping him in the fight, but there was no surprise when the judges returned three scores of 30-26 for Jackson, now 1-1. Punk falls to 0-2.

Article Source: au.ufc.com By Thomas Gerbasi